The Wrath Project

Digital downloads: unmerciful punishment, usurping all hope for those pitiful enough to draw the ire of its possessor. Unrelenting. Unflinching. Uncompromising.

The Wrath Project, a true possessor of its namesake, has arrived, bringing with it a sophisticated level of fury and intensity unto the world of heavy metal. Offering an unrelenting vision of chaos in the form of its debut album, The Cure is the Disease, 11 smoldering tracks of modern thrash metal out now on Level 13 Records, The Wrath Project aims to make an immediate impact.

Mixed by Yanic Bercier at Wave Transform Studio, Knoxville, TN, and mastered by Tom Morris at the legendary Morrisound Studios in Tampa, FL, The Cure is the Disease is a palpable surge of brutality, highlighted by the dual guitar attack courtesy of Mark Wolzenburg (Colour Trip) and Frank Andeas (Portugal Towers), iron-throated front man Elmar Keineke (Colour Trip), a barrage of visionary drum riffs by Yanic Bercier (Quo Vadis) and heralded old school bass lines committed by Chris Gospodarek.

The Cure is the Disease is a condensed formulation of cacophonous metal that truly stands on its own, with no real comparisons needed. The arrival of the Wrath is imminent.